• New Beginnings Seminar

    Announced by Orson Chung on May 26 2011

    Come and learn from this life changing free seminar: "New Beginnings" from June 3 at 7:15pm, and every Friday thereafter also at 7:15pm.

    June Time Topic
    3 7:15pm How To Know The Future
    10 7:15pm Signs You Can't Ignore
    17 7:15pm The Great Escape
    24 7:15pm By Chance or Design


      Other sermons include:
    •  Secrets of Ancient Scrolls
    Why So Much Suffering
    What Happens When You Die?
    An Investment You Can't Lose

    Schedule of other sermons to be announced.

    Also: Informative health updates each evening with Wilson Corros


  • The Last Revelation -- The Character of God

    Announced by Orson Chung on Apr 14 2011

    Although the live presentations of these inspiring seminars are over, avail yourself of the notes from this series.

    Speaker: James Rafferty

    May Time Topic Lesson
    5 7:15pm "Who Am I" Songs of Ascent concert  
    6 7:15pm No Fear for the Future Introduction
    7 6:00pm The Sealed Book Lesson 4
    7 7:15pm The Four Horsemen of Revelation Lesson 5
    8 6:00pm The Seven Trumpets Lesson 6
    8 7:15pm Signs of the End?  
    9 7:15pm The Seven Thunders Lesson 7
    10 7:15pm Measure the Temple Lesson 8
    11 7:15pm Predestination Lesson 9
    13 7:15pm The Everlasting Gospel Lesson 1A
    14 6:00pm Fear God Lesson 2A
    14 7:15pm Give Glory to God Lesson 3A
    15 6:00pm His Judgment is Come Lesson 4A
    15 7:15pm Worship Him Lesson 6A
    17 7:15pm The Wine of Babylon Lesson 8A
    18 7:15pm America in Prophecy Lesson 10A
    20 7:15pm The Mark of the Beast

    Lesson 11A

    Weekly Cycle

    21 11:00am The Battle of Armageddon Lesson 17B
    21 6:00pm Satan in Prison Lesson 19B
    21 7:15pm Vapor Life Lesson 10


    Wilson Corros health updates:

    Topic Notes
    Cancer Prevention Dietary Cancer Fighters
    Diabetes Prevention Dietary Recommendations for Diabetes
    Hypertension Dietary Recommendations for Hypertension
    Fight Back with Food Plant Sources of Vitamin B12
    Water...the Real Thing Water Facts
    Modern Medicine Modern Medicine in Bible Times
    Caffeine Caffeine







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  • China Mission Trip

    Announced by Orson Chung on Jan 28 2011

    Join David Hor from June 10-24 for a mission trip which will surely change your life forever. Don’t miss the opportunity and the blessings. God wants to accomplish great things in your life and to bless you abundantly more than you can ever dream. However, we must choose to let him. Will you join in a mission trip? Contact David at (559) 539-2132 for this and other Mission trips that are available with Maranatha Volunteers International to South America, Africa, India, etc.

  • Shrink Your Carbon Footprint

    Announced by Orson Chung on Jan 28 2011

    USAgain has a collection bin at the Landess entrance of the church. When you bring your unwanted textiles, you’ll help conserve resources, fight climate change, provide affordable clothing for people worldwide, while bringing in some extra funds for our school.


    USAgain is a green company committed to reducing carbon emissions and protecting the environment through the collection of unwanted textiles in an effort to conserve resources, fight climate change, and offer affordable clothing to people worldwide.


    Clothes dropped in our bins are diverted from landfills to be reworn, reused or recycled. In fact, every pound of textiles collected saves 7 pounds of CO2. USAgain collects 1 million pounds of clothing per week which is then purchased by thrift stores chains and wholesalers, in many cases to be worn by people in the US and struggling countries who cannot afford new clothes. Donations are not tax deductible.


    What Can I Drop Off?

    l Shoes/Boots

    l Clothing Items

    l Gloves/Hats

    l Linens

    l Blankets

    l Towels

    Please drop off items in closed bags.

  • Health Lectures by Dr. Sang Lee

    Announced by Ban Wong on Dec 13 2009

    Genes and You
    (Presentation time will be posted later, check back soon)


    Monday 2/15/2010 - 7:30pm

    How gene turns on and turns off? Ghost??

    Tuesday 2/16/2010 - 7:30pm

    Genes change you? You change gene?

    Wednesday 2/17/2010 - 7:30pm

    Principle of Natural Healing in Gene Medicine

    Thursday 2/18/2010 - 7:30pm

    Heaiing of Diabetes

    Friday 2/19/2010 - 7:30pm

    Healing of Autoimmune Diseases by Gene Medicine.

    Saturday 2/20/2010 - 2:30pm

    Biological Significance of Sabbath

  • GYC/ARISE Cross Training

    Announced by James Ho on Jun 05 2009

    From June 12 - July 18, 2009 in San Jose. For more information, go to or

  • Western Youth Conference

    Announced by James Ho on Jun 05 2009

    Organized by GYC - West for youth ages 16-35 will be meeting at the Weimar Center from June 25-28, 2009. See bulletin insert for more information.

  • Pre-Camp Meeting Prayerwalk

    Announced by James Ho on Jun 05 2009

    Please join Jerry and Janet Page as the PRAYERWALK the Soquel Conference Grounds in preparation for Camp Meeting on Sabbath, July 11, 2009 from 10:00a-1:00p and/or 3:00-6:00p. Details posted on the bulletin board.

  • Announcement Submissions

    Announced by James Ho on Jun 05 2009

    Please submit bulletin accouncements and other bulletin updates to Katie Baroro at ( or call 408-263-7626) by Tuesday before the Sabbath that the bulletin is published.