Danny Vierra is the Director fo Modern Manna Ministries and BellaVita lifestyle Center. He is a dynamic internaitonal speaker who specializes in detoxification programs, alternative therapies, and natural medicine. Through his Health and healing Crusades, radio and TV appearances, lectures, and blockbuster infomercial. The Almighty Cleanse, Danny has helped thousands with his nutritional knowledge and expertise. His latest 14-Part DVD series Adventures in Health has appeared worldwide and continues to motivate individuals to make healthy lifestyle choices.



Charmaine Daniels is an 8-year cancer survivor, trained through the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine as a Food for Life Nutrition and Cooking Class Instructor, Stanford Prevention Research Center as a Stanford Healthy Lifestyle program Facilitator, as well as a CHIP Facilitator. She is ahighly motivating speaker and offers innovative programs to help individuals make positive dietary and behavioral changes.