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Milpitas Seventh-day Adventist Church

1991 Landess Ave
Milpitas, CA   95035-7071

Phone:     408-263-8137
Fax:     408-263-1994

We are in the process of updating our church photo directory. We apologize for not having the photos of our leadership team as well as not being able to anticipate when the photography will be coordinated and ready. However, we thank you for your patience.

Rob Benardo
Senior Pastor

Daniel Lin
Head Elder

Calvin Weathington, Sr.
Head Deacon

Estelita Baladad
Head Deaconess

Orson Chung
Treasurer, Head

Linda Hor
Church Clerk

Doug Cathcart
Gen. Superintendent, Co-head

Margaret Lin
Gen. Superintendent, Co-head

Aurelia Cadiz
SS Secretary, Head

Katie Baroro
Children's Church

Justine Leonie
Children's Story Coordinator

Ruben Carillo
Head Greeter

Catherine Ellacer
Minister of Music

Carl Vance
Audio Visual, Head

Monica Doleshel
CARE Ministry

BP Wong
Communications Secretary

BP Wong
Health and Temperance

Doug Cathcart
Lay Advisory Representative

Ross Sampayan
Pathfinders, Director

Robin Aaron
Prayer Ministry, Head

Emelie Gapasin

Olga Benardo
Women's Ministry, Co-Leader

Raytha O'Connell
Women's Ministry, Co-Leader

George MacArthur
MAC School Board, Chair

Violet Wade
Home & School

Ross Sampayan
MVA School Board Rep.

Carol Chung
Floral/Decorations, Head

Mauro Mansilla
Plant Manager, Head

Carol Chung
Social Committee, Head

Hulda Cisneros
Bible Worker